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Agency Opportunity

Lake Country Insurance Services

Agency Opportunity

Are you tired of only being able to offer a small selection of products to your clients? Are you tired of being told what a privilege it is to represent the company that has contracted you? Are you tired of being told you are an independent contractor, but have expectations like office hours, production requirements, and office design and branding placed on you? Are you tired of the political games? Are you tired of wondering if you are doing the right thing for your customer base? Is your company threatening to give you a commission cut?

Captive companies sell you on the value that you, the agent, bring to your clients. They have that part right, but what about what they bring? What if you could bring that same agent value with more products, more options, and better pricing to your clients? Stop letting your company exploit your talents! Stop being frustrated at district and state meetings promising you that "change is coming". Stop waiting year after year for that new product that is going to change the game.

We are Lake Country Insurance Services, and the game just changed.

With what many consider the best overall contract in the industry, we can offer you higher commissions, profitability bonuses, and book ownership. No gimmicks, no catches. Our contract is simple and straightforward, and was developed by former captive agents rather than district managers or executives trying to cling to their former business models.

Benefits of The Lake Country Contract

  • The highest commission splits right out of the gate, no scaling
  • Profitability bonuses
  • Low monthly fees that cover E&O and technology costs
  • Book ownership with no non-compete clause
  • Placement on our website
  • Online quoting tools
  • Comparative rater
  • Management software
  • Client portal & client document sharing
  • ...and much more!

Whether you are an agent for a captive based company, or someone looking to get into the insurance business, we would welcome to chance to discuss the opportunities that await you at Lake Country Insurance Services!

Don't wait another day! Drop us a line and see how we can help you start enjoying your career again!

Lake Country Insurance Services
office [at] lcisagency [dot] com